Säbel und Degen

Colberg 1807


Statuette in regiment uniform. Bronze. This was handed over by the officers of the 9th Grenadier Regiment "Graf Gneisenau" of the 2nd Pomeranian Regiment First Lieutenant von Petersdorff when leaving the regiment.
The very finely detailed figure depicts a grenadier in uniform from 1806-07 during the siege of Colberg. Good condition.
On the blackened wooden base there is a silver plate engraved in German.
Colberg was the most important Prussian fortress besieged by Marshal Mortier and remained so until the end of hostilities (March 14th - July 2nd, 1807). The 9th Grenadier was created in 1808 with the remains of the units that had carried out the siege.
Prussia, 19th century.
H. 40 cm (49,5 cm with base).


Zustand : I -II.

Preis : 2.500,- Euro