Säbel und Degen

Sabre officer light cavalry

Empire Guard.

Pellion (Jean Pierre) Leon. (1793 - 1864).
He graduated from the cavalry school Saint Germain with the rank of sous lieutenant in September 1809.
In 1811/1812 he participated in the Spanish and Portuguese campaigns as an officer of the General Staff and received his first wound.
In 1813 he was a lieutenant of the 5th regiment of hussars.
He received a second wound in the battle of Bunzlau.
On August 21, 1813, he was appointed to the regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval of the Imperial Guard. Under the command of Marshal Lefevre he participated in the French campaign of 1814.
In 1823 he was promoted to captain, participated in the Greek campaign of 1827.
In 1836 he was appointed "chef d'escadron" and adjutant of Marshal Soult.
In 1843 he became a colonel, in 1849 a brigadier general and in 1853 a division general.

1st Empire 1804-1814/15.

Condition I - II.

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