Säbel und Degen

"Recompense" sabre

made by the Manufacture Versailles - Nicolas Boutet. 
Gold-plated guard, blued and gilded blade, inscribed "Recompense" on one side and "Nationale" on the other. 
Steel scabbard with well-preserved original coating of a bluish hue.
The crossguard has "Manufacture A Versailles" engraved on it.
Sheath lugs with well-preserved gilding. 
Nicolas-Noël Boutet (1761-1833), director of the Manufacture de Versailles, is known as the greatest armourer of his time. The quality of his workmanship, his perfectionism in detail, the elegance and beauty of the proportions of his award-winning, luxury and honorary weapons fascinate collectors the world over.
In 1792, Nikolas Boutet was named artistic director, and in 1798 general director of the Manufacture de Versailles, which would remain linked to his name until 1833. In his work, he made extensive use of ancient Roman and Greek symbols, signs and drawings. Only the most expensive and best quality materials were used in the production of the arms. Nikolas Boutet was an excellent artist himself, whose talent permeates every weapon made in Versailles.
Napoleon Bonaparte himself repeatedly admired the director of Versailles.
Each piece produced by the Manufacture de Versailles under the direction of Nikolas Boutet is considered a unique work of art and serves as the crowning jewel of any collection.
Condition I.
France. Consulat - I Empire (1799 - 1814/15).
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