Säbel und Degen

Saber of the

“Grenadiers à Cheval de la Garde des Consuls puis Impériale”, 2nd model. Brass basket with 2 third bracelets and round boiling shield with open bursting grenade, broad blade with palmette, branded "Versailles" and various hallmarks. Original grip leather with winding. Polished Montmerency blade with engraving of Klingenthal and marks of Inspecteurs C. Marion (1810-1811) and J.C. Bick (1809-1811), more strongly scarred towards the end of the blade. Heavy brass scabbard with 2 carrying rings on wide bands and leather inserts, iron tug. L= 116,5 cm.
  • Condition I - II.

    I Empire 1804 - 1814/15.

    Price 8.200,- Euro