Säbel und Degen


of General Gudin.

France. Revolution time (1792/1793).

Blade with bluing and gilding.

The pommel of the grip is made in a form of an ancient helmet.

Original Portepee.

Top Condition.

Etienne Gudin (1734-1819) - Division General (22 July 1793). Born in Nievre (Ouroux) on 15 October 1734, he came from the old noble family of Nivernais, which was raised to the nobility in 1542. In 1752, at the age of 17, he entered the military service as a cadet of the infantry regiment of the village, Artois-infanterie (Regiment d, Artois-infanterie).

6 March 1757 - Lieutenant, took part in the 1762-1763 campaign in Portugal. 

20 April 1768 - Captain, 1776 - Commander of the depot of the recruits. 

20 August 1780 he was in charge of the company Jaeger (compagnie de chasseurs) of the 3rd battalion of his regiment, which participated in the war of independence of the United States and returned to France on 25 May 1783. 

On 14 June 1786 - the commander of the grenadier company (compagnie de grenadiers) of the Regiment d'Artois.

On 3 February 1788, he became a major with appointment to the Royal Grenadier Regiment of Normandy (Regiment des grenadiers royaux de Normandie). 

He resigned on 4 August 1789 with the rank of lieutenant colonel and a pension of 2 240 livres. 

In the same month, on 9 October 1791, he was elected for commander of the Garde nationale de Montargis - commander of the 1st battalion of volunteers of the Loire department (1er bataillon de volontaires du Loire), which participated in the campaigns of 1792-1793 as part of the army of the north (Armee du Nord).

2 May 1793 - Commander Maubeuge, 27 May 1793 - Brigadier General, 22 July 1793 - Divisional General, was appointed Commander of the Army of Vandega (Armee de la Vendee) by special decree of the Convention (Convention nationale), but as he refused the appointment, he was dismissed from his post on 6 August 1793. 

On 20 September 1793, by order of the Drouet representative (Jean-Baptiste Drouet), he was arrested, imprisoned in Arras and sentenced to death. He miraculously escaped thanks to the confusion that prevailed during the Great Terror (until the end of his life he kept a list containing 13 of 36 guillotines). After the coup d'état of 9 terreur II (27 July 1794), he was released on 16 November 1794 and rejoined the army on 4 March 1795 at the rank of divisional general, being appointed commander of the army des cotes de Brest (Army of the cotes de Brest). 

On 30 September 1795, he resigned as a member of the Senate (département du Loiret) in 1800. He died on 23 September 1819 in Saint-Mauricesur (Aveyron) at the age of 85. Chevalier of the Legion of Honour (29 March 1805), Chevalier Saint Louis (1 May 1780).

He is the uncle of General Charles Etienne Gudin., who is named after him. Attached are 136 documents relating to General Gudin. 




Condition - I.

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