Säbel und Degen


for Imperial Guard staff officer's, Chasseur a Cheval, type AN XI, gilded brass receptacle decorated with webs and engraved with flowers, leaves and on the upper part of a spider web, strong wooden handle covered with filigree leather. Beautiful blade with round back, signed: "G I" on the heel, engraved, blued and gilded in two thirds, with scrolls, trophies of arms and two cartouches, one with the inscription: "HONNEUR AT PATRIE", above a shield with laurel wreath, an "N" in the middle and crowned by a crowned eagle, the other one: "EMPIRE FRANÇAIS" crowned by the same mark; iron scabbard with two gilded brass fittings, carved on the front of the staff symbol: a sword and a Roman helmet; length 104 cm.

First imperial period. Very good condition.

France 1804 - 1814/1815


Condition - I - II.

Price on request.